Augusta Home Staging Services

Staging to Sell Consultation – Occupied House
This is a great place to start for all Home Owners. For the true “do it yourself” homeowner that has the time, skills and desire to complete the recommendations before the house is listed, this provides a detailed list of what to do. For others, it provides a starting place in order to know what they can handle and where help is needed.

This service begins with a brief walk through of both the interior and exterior of the home with the owner to discuss general objectives and scheduling. Working alone, Savvy Redesigns analysis every room, as well as the exterior. A Comprehensive Home Report is prepared with recommendations that will best market the home to a wide range of potential buyers. This is not a generic “to do list” taken from a book or web site. Rather it is a specific checklist prepared for each home in order to showcase the home’s strongest features, downplay those less desirable and create strong curb appeal. Items may include: rearranging and/or storing furniture, accessories & artwork, de-cluttering bookshelves & closets, new paint or flooring suggestions, and repairs which need to be handled prior to showing the home.
A follow up visit is made once the work is complete or near completion to do any final finessing and approve if the house meets the Staging Criteria.
$250+ Pricing depends on size and contents of house. This includes the initial visit to analysis the home, Comprehensive Home Report preparation, availability by e-mail or telephone for questions, and follow up visit.

Hands-On Staging – Occupied House
This service may be used in conjunction with the Staging to Sell Consultation or by itself. Using proven techniques and design skills, Savvy Redesigns prepares the home for sale. Best for the homeowner that does not have the desire, resources or time to complete the needed projects before the house goes on the market. The most popular service we offer.

Every room is evaluated to determine which features will be highlighted and which to minimize. Working with the homeowner’s existing furnishings, each room is transformed so it appeals to a wide range of buyers. This is accomplished by arranging furniture to maximize flow, use of proper lighting, grouping art work and accessories to add interest, packing items not needed, as well as organizing and de-cluttering where needed. Occasional additional items may be needed. Those items will be noted and the homeowner can decide if they want to purchase them, have us do it or rent items from Savvy Redesigns’ inventory.
Fees are based on the home’s square footage, number of rooms, and condition. A site visit is made in order to determine pricing prior to the actual staging. If a Consultation is done, an additional site visit is not required. Realtors and investors – contact us about additional marketing and pricing packages available.

The ideal time for Hands-On Staging is after repairs are made. However, we understand that is not always possible. We will leave a detailed plan for each room where repairs may require items to be moved when requested.